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Time Change for Club Racing Chat

The time for the Monday club racing chat has moved to 9:30pm Eastern Time, and a number of regulars from the old Compuserve session may join us in the future.


If you have a modern browser, try setting your Automatic Refresh Rate to 15 to 20 seconds before entering the chat rooms. Some users of services such as AOL report that this doesn't work; if you can't get the automatic refresh to work, then you will only see new messages when you post one of your own or when you click on the new messages button.

Don't forget to set your chat room; the default is "General".

Scheduled Sessions

Spec Racer Ford -- Regular Session

Spec Racer/Spec Racer Ford Town Meeting, held in the "Racing" chat room. First and third Tuesdays of each month, at 9pm Eastern Time.

CART (ex-Indycar) -- Regular Session

Sundays, 10pm Eastern time, in the "Racing" Chat room. Not for use for CART/IRL flaming.

General Club Racing Bull Session

Mondays, 9:30pm Eastern time, in the "Racing" Chat room.

Scheduling Sessions

If you wish to schedule a session on a specific topic, bring it up in the appropriate Discussion Area. Please do so far enough in advance to permit reasonable publicity efforts.

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