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1998 SCCA Club Racing Rule Changes -- FCS

Formula Category Specifications (12.1.6)


TB 98-05   Eff 5/1/98   A.5.f.9.F    Add subsection as follows:  Alternate
                                     Eurospec Sports cylinder head may be

TB 98-04   Eff 4/1/98   C.2          Correct overall length minimum and
                                     maximum to read: Overall length
                                     (including exhaust).

TB 98-07   Eff 7/1/98   C.8.b        Change the second sentence in the
                                     second paragraph to read:  For cars
                                     without a subframe, the tray shall be
                                     no wider than 16" and shall not deviate
                                     more than 1" from the horizontal plane. 
                                     Undertray must be firmly attached and
                                     have no downward turned edges.

BoD 12/97  Eff 2/1/98   C.9          In paragraph seven (7), delete 'and
                                     accessible' from the first sentence. 
                                     The sentence will now read:  The rear
                                     locating arm(s), coil spring(s) and
                                     shock absorber(s) shall not be faired
                                     in and shall be visible from the side
                                     without the removal or manipulation of
                                     any part or panel.

TB 98-03   Eff 3/1/98   C.12         The diagram referenced in this section
                                     was inadvertently omitted from the 1998
                                     FCS.  It appears in the 1997 FCS.

TB 98-01   Eff 1/1/98   E.15.f       Add section as follows:  Engine
                                     specifications will not be changed
                                     during the current year.

BL 12/97
BoD 12/97
TB 98-02   Eff 1/1/98   F.1          Delete: Regional Class Only (may
                                     compete in Formula Atlantic for
                                     National Competition)

TB 98-06   Eff 6/1/98   F.1          Correct section heading to read:
                                     FORMULA MAZDA Preparation Rules.

TB 98-04   Eff 4/1/98   F.1.e.1.D    Add at end of paragraph: Adjustable rev
                                     chip MSD P/N 080-135, with a rev limit
                                     of 6800 +/- 50 rpm may be used.

TB 98-06   Eff 6/1/98   F.1.e.3.H    Add paragraph:  Alternate one-piece
                                     intake manifold (P/N 050-142) is

TB 98-06   Eff 6/1/98   F.1.e.10.G   Add to the end of the paragraph as
                                     follows:  Alternate BBS wheel center
                                     (P/N 000-143) is permitted.

TB 98-04   Eff 4/1/98   F.1.e.16.G   Add subsection:  The aluminum undertray
                                     may be replaced with a stress-bearing
                                     undertray, minimum of eighteen (18)
                                     gauge steel.  The undertray shall be
                                     attached to the frame by welding,
                                     bonding or by rivets or threaded