Basic Inspection ("Gear Only")

Alan Fiala, former National Administrator of Scrutineering, SCCA

[This is based on material from a scrutineering seminar presented by Alan Fiala at the Spring 1995 NEDiv roundtable in Buffalo, NY.]

["Gear Only" Inspection is the minimum inspection permitted at SCCA Club Racing events. Regions which do not perform at least this minimum inspection for all Drivers at a Club Race are not in conformance with the General Competition Rules.]

Ask for the Logbook. Read it carefully for completeness, and to determine whether a complete or partial check of the car is necessary, either on regular schedule or for correction of a past deficiency. Do not rush through this.

If anything is missing from the book, take steps to correct it. If it doesn't have to be done before the car goes on track, make arrangements to do it later in the weekend, but be sure it gets done. Have a system of re-tech followup. Hold the logbook, if necessary.

If the logbook is missing, then the car must have a complete safety check. You may give the driver a page from a logbook to indicate that this has been done.

If a homologation certificate is missing, notify the Chief Steward for further instructions. Usually the car must have a complete inspection, and then have a note made that by next event the certificate or evidence of application for one must be presented.

When you have finished the "paperwork", you may proceed to looking at the gear. Be methodical and inspect each item. Hold suit and underwear up and look for holes and seams at wear points. If there is no underwear, verify that the suit is three-layer or has an appropriate SFI rating. At nationals, be sure SCCA patch is on.

Gloves: check for holes in fingertips and between fingers. Shoes: check for holes where heel rests on floor. Socks: check for holes. Helmet: check for Snell sticker and medical label. Label must be perfectly readable and waterproof - No ballpoint or magic marker scrawled on tape! If the helmet is not SA85 or SA90, hold it in impound until the driver is done for the weekend. Same for gloves and shoes.

Showroom Stock: ask for shop manual. SR/SRF: Ask for assembly manual. ITE: ask for copy of rules of preparation.

Note in the logbook what was done, and sign it off with name, license, and date. Issue the tech sticker.

If it is a rental car, and there are deficiencies in the car, deal with the owner. If there are deficiencies with the driver's gear, get it fixed, don't bother to make notes in the book.

If the driver isn't present in person, work with registration for evidence that the driver has registered before issuing the sticker.

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