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Road Course Racing Results Index


How the Road Course Results are Organized
Central Division
Midwest Division Division
Northeast Division
North Pacific Division
Rocky Mountain Division
Southeast Division
South Pacific Division
Southwest Division

How the Road Course Results are Organized

The country is divided according to the various SCCA divisions. This means that there are some splits; for example, NEDiv races are sometimes held at Nelson Ledges, which is in CENDiv. Moreover, Western New York Region holds races at Mosport which is not in the US at all. NASA holds races in both the Northern and the Southern Pacific areas, and may soon hold races in other parts of the US. RCCA holds races in an increasing number of places too.

Some results links go to the Club or SCCA Region web page; this will be done if the organization in question is posting results to their page. Some results links go to an ftp upload area on the Krusty Motorsports server.

For road racing results, the file names format is mmdd-gxx.txt, where mm is the month, dd is the day of the race, and xx is the race group number. There is a subdirectory for each race track in question. Results for race group 2 at the Lime Rock National July 4-5, 1997, would go to in the directory /Results/RoadCourses/NEDiv/LimeRock/0705-g02.txt. With a web browser, you can simply click on NEDiv (this link appears above), and then select the appropriate link from the page you reach that way.