Ghost Tracks Tests & Examples

The Code

The javascript code for these examples is in github:

Simple Image Overlays using OSMembed.js

In these examples, tiles from OpenHistoricalMap are overlaid on base tiles, which are either OpenStreetMap or MapBox Satellite. A simple slider control allows the transparency of the OHM tiles to be adjusted. The standard Leaflet layer widget is in the upper right hand corner to allow switching between base layers.

GeoJSON Features overlaid on basemaps using OSM-rt-v3.js

In these examples, the variations on the race circuits are drawn in different colors. The Leaflet layer widget allows switching the base layer, and also allows turning the various circuit versions to be turned on and off.

This version fetches circuit data from both OpenStreetMap and OpenHistoricMap, which allows both historical and current circuits to be displayed in a consistent manner.