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1998 SCCA Club Racing Rule Changes


The following cumulative summary of the 1998 SCCA Club Racing rule changes has been compiled for the convenience of the reader. It is not an official document. For a specific rule change, reference must be made to the indicated FasTrack®, Racing Bulletin or Tech Bulletin.

FasTrack is a registered trademark of the Sports Car Club of America. All material derived from FasTrack, etc., is Copyright 1998 by the Sports Car Club of America.

This compendium is maintained by NEDiv Executive Steward Terry Hanushek, The original text version of this may be obtained from

Last Updated 7/15/98


TB 98-01 appeared in the January 1998 SportsCar
BL 12/97 was mailed to race officials on 12/18/97
BoD 12/97 appeared in the February 1998 SportsCar
TB 98-02 appeared in the February 1998 SportsCar
BoD 1/12/98 appeared in the March 1998 SportsCar
TB 98-03 appeared in the March 1998 SportsCar
TB 98-04 appeared in the April 1998 SportsCar
TB 98-05 appeared in the May 1998 SportsCar
TB 98-06 appeared in the June 1998 SportsCar
TB 98-07 appeared in the July 1998 SportsCar


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General Competition Rules
Addendum -- Chapter 21 -- Appeals
Production Category Specifications
GT Category Specifications
Showroom Stock Category Specifications
Touring Category Specifications
Improved Touring Category Specifications
American Sedan Category Specifications
Sports Racer Category Specifications
Formula Category Specifications

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