Credits & Acknowledgements

This is the part where I talk about all the people who make these pages possible. This section is not yet complete; there are many other helpers and contributors (especially in the Race Tracks section), and I will be engaging in an ongoing effort to list their names and contributions here.

Jim Burke, the graphic artist who has had a profound effect on the look and feel of these pages, doing all the banners and buttons and other things that make a big difference.

Guy Watney and Chris Ingle have recently made substantial contributions to the Race Track section of the site. Chris Fobbe is feeding me lots of updates on the status of various oval tracks.

Peter Burke, photographer for Speedcenter (, for the picture of Christian Fittipaldi on our Racing section banner.

Roz Rosintoski Motorsports Photography (, who provided the photographs used in the banners for Credits, the Journal, Organizations, and Discussions/Chat.

Ben Bradley, who took the picture of Jeff Zwart's Pro Rally Porsche on our Rally section banner.

Paul Czarnecki, who took the Mount Washington Hill Climb picture on our Time Trials & Hill Climbs section banner.

Joe Goetke, whose Mazda Miata graces the picture on our Autocross & Solo II section banner.

Jim O'Brien, the photographer who took the World of Outlaws picture featured on our Motorsports Links & Resources section banner.

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