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Welcome. These pages have been sitting for a long time. I've just started a long overdue overhaul. The pages should work much better on mobile devices now. Track Maps are slowly migrating to OpenStreetMap and OpenHistoricalMap. And the related Ghost Tracks project is starting to produce YouTube videos on historic racing venues. I will be updating existing pages as well as adding new material for Ghost Tracks.

A lot of the lookups for hotels, directions, etc., are broken right now. I am currently thinking about the best way to remedy this. Whatever I do is going to be different so as to reduce potential for breakage.

The overhaul is going to take time. Please bear with us. In the meantime, click on the Site Updates link below to find out what has been done recently.


In This Section

Site History

These pages are the successor to the "Unofficial SCCA Pages". I started working on those pages in the early 90s, in the early days of the web when the latest and greatest browser was Mosaic version 1.0, before it occured to Microsoft that there might be something in this Internet business. When the first official SCCA web site was awarded to another party, I took the best parts of what I'd done and transmuted it into this site. Work has gone forward in fits and starts, but I've been going at things pretty steadily for 3 years now. I "finished" the race track directory only to discover that it requires continuous updating, so I'm now making a long update slog through the directory I thought was finished.

Web Browsers And This Site

This page works best with a decent web browser and a reasonably sized screen - that is, this site attempts to be standards complaint, and should display reasonably in any modern, sane browser as long as you don't have a postage stamp for a monitor or a 1993 vintage video card. Most if it should also be tolerably usable with image downloads turned off entirely. Some parts of it may be migrating to the use of AJAX (which is what systems like Google Maps and Yahoo! Maps Beta use), so if you have an older browser in which those systems don't work, it may be a good idea to upgrade (Firefox is free and works well.)

I currently do most testing of new pages with Camino 1.5 (a sibling of Firefox for Macs), with periodic spot checks using Opera, Safari and Internet Exploder.

If you want to grab a copy of Firefox (It's MUCH nicer than Internet Exploder), there's a link on the right side of most pages on the site, including this one. Full Disclosure: if you download, install and use Firefox from a link on one of my pages, I do get a small referral fee.

There is no ActiveX on this site.
There are no Frames on this site.
Javascript is limited to Google and Weather Channel inserts, but may appear in improved mapping features in the near future.

For Geeks

The original site (which dates back to the early 90s) was written entirely with simple HTML and server side includes. Subsequently, there was a partial conversion to the use of some simple PHP templates, but I finally (in early 2005) settled on a system based on Mason and at this point have converted everything to Mason, except for two external software packages that remain in PHP.

In the near future, I will likely move the race track data into a PostgreSQL database, as there are clearly some reasons why it would be nice to be able to write queries against it.

How These Pages Are Organized

The buttons on the left go to the major sections. A running log of updates, changes, and additions is kept; the "See What's New" button in the index takes you there, and you can use the RSS Feed rss feed to keep up with changes made to the New Stuff page.

There is a simple search engine that can be used to find stuff; for example, if you wanted to find all the race schedules that refer to Laguna Seca, you could do a search for that string and you'd get such a list.

The Race Track button leads to our growing collection of information about race tracks all over the US and Canada. Some sections are devoted to the the major motorsports; you may see general info and info specific to various sanctioning bodies by selecting categories such as Racing, Rally, or Autocross. These sections do not contain detailed descriptions of the sanctioning bodies themselves, but have links to the Organization section. As time goes by, each sanctioning body will get a section under Organization, where you may find addresses, phone numbers, schedules, and membership information.

There are other things here too: Discussion areas and a photo and art gallery -- and even more stuff will show up in the near future. Check the buttons on the left edge of the screen to see what the major sections are.

Graphics design by Jim Burke, ( These pages are copyright 1996-2005 by Krusty Motorsports. Contributions remain the property of their original author. Some pages of this website are published under a Creative Commons License.

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