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by Richard Welty

We're more than a bit late. I plead guilty; between being swamped with lots of things and having a 6 month old baby in the house who demands significant portions of Daddy's time every day, I've gotten a bit behind.

This issue is a touch thinner than the last one, but still quite good. We have our usual suspects, an article I put together on helmet standards that covers a lot of ground that normally isn't discussed, and as I don't have time to read books right this minute (motorsports or otherwise), I've gone into the archives and found some reviews I wrote years ago for the shortlived Peformance Engineering magazine, some of which were never published as the magazine folded up before they got to press.

Other good things are happening here; infrastructure improvements are on the way. I have most of the pieces of Krusty Motorsports' new Web and Mail server on hand; sometime in July it will come online and it should substantially improve performance for our visitors. We also have a new (and much better) advertising deal, which started on May 1st. If you can make the time, let the ad images finish downloading on each page. I don't get credit unless the whole ad is displayed, and these ads are how this site gets paid for.

The next issue should come at the end of June or the beginning of July. I'll be in the middle of a job change, but I think I'll be able to get that issue out in a reasonable time frame.

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