Bondurant School

The Bondurant School is based at Firebird International Raceway near Phoenix, Arizona. Bondurant offers a number of programs, some oriented towards Race Driving, and some oriented towards Street and Highway driving.

Bondurant features a variety of vehicles; the racing class uses Formula "Bondurants", Corvette C5s, and Ford Mustang SVT and GTs. while the high performance class uses various Fords.

Bondurant places the instructors on corners for the Formula car segment, observing students, but places instructors in car for many of the segments which use the Mustangs and other conventional road vehicles. There is extensive classroom instruction.

According to Bondurant's promotional materials, the student:instructor ratio is 3:1, with 80% of the student's time spent in car.


What follows is not a compete list. Click Here to see the full list on the Bondurant web site.

Grand Prix Road Racing

This 4 day class includes 2 1/2 days of Corvette C5 time with in car instructors, and 1 1/2 days of Formula car time. Completion of this course qualifies a successful student for an SCCA Regional License. The 2004 price is $3,775.

Advanced Road Racing

This course is available in 1, 2 and 3 day versions. The intent is to improve on the skills of graduates of the basic Racing course and on the skills of current racers who might sign up for the course. This course uses Ford Mustangs and Corvette C5s. The 2004 prices are $1,495 for 1 day, $3,195 for 2 days, and $4,850 for 3 days

High Performance Driving

This course is oriented towards improving the skills of drivers who don't necessarily have ambitions to race. It is available in 2 and 3 day versions. Students may use a Bondurant supplied Ford Mustang, or their own car. Time is spent Autocrossing, practicing on the Skidpad, and the (optional) 3rd day is spent on the Race Track. The 2004 prices are $1,895 for 2 days and $2,850 for 3 days.

Highway Survival Training

This 1 day course focuses on subjects such as accident avoidance, skid control, and proper use of ABS systems. The 2004 price is $825.

Advanced Teenage Defensive Driving

This course (1 or 2 days) focuses on improving teenage driving skills. Students can use their own car or cars supplied by Bondurant. The 2004 prices are $895 for 1 day and $1545 for 2 days.

Executive Protection/Anti-Kidnapping

This course is designed to train drivers who may find themselves in high risk environments. The 2004 price is $3,395 for 4 days.

Lap The Oval

This course is intended to get drivers onto the Phoenix International Raceway Oval track in Formula cars fairly quickly. It is unclear from the current promotional materials what the prerequisites are. The 2004 price is $350 for 2 1/2 hours.


Bondurant uses their own 1.6 mile track, and from time to time makes use of other facilities at Firebird, which has a number of tracks available for different applications. Bondurant also has a 3.5 acre asphalt pad for skidpad, slalom, and other exercises.

Bondurant Firebird track
map of 1.6 mile track used by Bondurant for most classes; click for larger version

Bondurant School Office

P.O. Box 51980
Phoenix, Arizona

20,000 South Maricopa Road
Gate #3
Chandler, Arizona 85226


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