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SCCA - Introduction

Introduction to the SCCA
Guide to Using the SCCA Pages

Introduction to the SCCA

The Sports Car Club of America is one of the premier sanctioning bodies for amateur auto sports in the United States. The SCCA was founded in Boston in 1944 as an interest group for Sports Car enthisiasts; in the immediate post-war years it grew into a sanctioning body for amateur Auto Sports in the United States, taking on the function that ARCA (the Automobile Racing Club of America) performed before World War II (prominent early SCCA competitors included prominent pre-War ARCA members such as the Collier brothers.) The first road race sanctioned by the SCCA was the original Watkins Glen Grand Prix in 1948.

The SCCA sponsors an extensive schedule of both Club and Pro Road Racing activities, Solo I (Time Trials, Hill Climbs) and Solo II (Autocross) and Pro Rally and Road Rally events throughout the United States. The SCCA supplies many of the Race Officials & Workers for Road Racing by other sanctioning bodies such as Indycar (CART), IMSA, and NASCAR. In the recent past, the SCCA has experimentally sanctioned a number of oval track Club Races with mixed results.

SCCA Pro Races are major spectator events, sometimes as the main feature and sometimes supporting series such as Indycars. Some SCCA Club Races are also spectator events, but the vast majority of SCCA events (regional Club Races, Solo Events, and Rallies) are oriented towards participation by SCCA members.

Guide to the SCCA Section of these pages

The SCCA is divided into various Geographical Divisions, Areas, and Regions; you may want to contact your local region, or the National office.

Information on how to go Club Racing or how to become a Race Official may be found on the SCCA Road Racing page.

Information on Road and Pro Rally, and on Solo II (Autocross) and Solo I (Time Trials/Hill Climbs) may be found on their pages.

The menu bar to the left will return you to the top level of the North American Motorsports Pages. On any of the SCCA pages, you can click on the menu bar shown directly below to get directly to SCCA Oriented pages on various subjects.

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