A Logbook

The following logbook is for a 1976 Alfa Romeo Alfetta Sedan, built to compete in the ITB class for sedans and coupes based on production body shells.

Front Cover

Inside the Front Cover


Event Pages

Page 1 is used for the first event in which this car participated; it is also the event where the Logbook was issued, an Annual Tech "Party" whose sole purpose was to check cars out at the start of the season. At the time of issuance, the car received a complete Annual tech inspection. The inspector who did the annual and stamped the book signed the bottom of the page, but neglected to sign the spaces provided in the stamp; generally in such cases the annual tech stamp is not considered valid.

The note above the Annual Tech stamp says "Need to reinforce head restraint".

Page 2 is for the car's trip to Pocono for SCCA Driving School; Note that the Annual Tech stamp has been properly signed and dated, and the inspector has included his license number. The note under the Annual Tech stamp says "Need new photos by next event".

Page three is for the car's trip to Nelson Ledges in Ohio for what was supposed to be the second & final SCCA Driving School; normally the annual tech stamp on Page 2 would have served, and a Gear check would have been sufficient for Page 3, but in the Central Division it is common practice to make all student cars at SCCA Schools go through a full Annual Tech inspection. Once again, the Annual Tech stamp has been properly signed and dated, and there are no notes about deficiences for a change.

Page four is for the car's trip to Watkins Glen for the Glen/FLR Driver's School and the Summer Fling Regional. As the car had seen action within the past 90 days, there were no outstanding logbook notations, and reinspection of ITB was not required for this event, only Driver's gear was checked, as reflected by the Glen Tech stamp (Drivers Equip OK, Car Not Seen.) Note that for this weekend, only one tech sticker was necessary in the case where the same driver/car combination was entered in both the school and the race; this may not be true of all regions offering such weekends. Note also that in a slightly unusual procedure, the logbook pages for all cars that pass tech at the Glen are stamped with the signature and license number for the Chief of Tech, rather than signed by the individual inspector. The tech sheets on file record who the individual inspectors who signed off on the gear and/or cars were.

The Back Page

The back page is supposed to have the record of vehicle ownership. It is often entirely blank.

The Back Cover

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