SCCA Rally Licenses

Road Rally has one primary license, the Road Rally Safety Steward. All license holders must be SCCA Members.

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Road Rally Safety Stewards

All road rallies sanctioned by the SCCA must be approved in advance by a licensed SCCA Road Rally Safety Steward. The RRSS has a set of guidelines about what is considered permissible and safe on an SCCA event, and makes sure that these guidelines are properly followed.

To obtain a Road Rally Safety Steward License, an SCCA member must attend a course taught by an approved Trainer, and obtain signatures from their Regional Executive and the Divisional Road Rally Steward. Courses are generally offered in various parts of the US during a year; your regional Road Rally Chair should be able to provide more information.

Pro Rally Competion Licenses

This section is retained for historical interest only

To obtain a license to drive in an SCCA sanctioned PRO Rally, one must follow the following process. First, a completed SCCA Medical form must be provided to the National Office . A provisional Divisional License will then be issued. If you are not an SCCA Member, your membership application must also be included. Medical forms may be obtained by calling or writing the National Office in Denver, or from your regional competition board. These licensing procedures apply to drivers and co-drivers equally.

With a Provisonal Divisional License, the provisional licensee may attend an SCCA Divisonal Rally Seminar. These are usually held a few hours before registration at Divisional Rallies. Check with the registrar of your first Divisional Rally to verify when the seminar will be held. After attending the seminar, you will be allowed to register and proceed through technical inspection for your first Divisional Rally. After you start your first Divisional Rally your license will become a Divisonal License, rather than a provisonal. After you have finished two divisional rallies, your divisional steward, or the national steward may recommend you for a national license. A National License is required to enter a National PRO Rally.

Within either license class drivers are seeded depending on how they well they performed on preceeding events. The co-driver always takes the seed of the driver, regardless of what their seed is. New drivers in either license start as seed 6. After two events they usually advance to seed 5. Seed 4 requires that the driver have finished in the top 10 of an event. And so forth. Teams are started in seed order, with a random drawing for start position within each seed.

Current regulations, as of January 1, 1995 require minimum personal safety equipment for each competitor to include one layer of fire retardant clothing and a helmet that meets Snell '90 certification. For additional requirements regarding safety and car preparation requirements consult the SCCA PRO Rally regulations available from National Headquaters, or your Region.

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