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1995 SCCA Schedule

This schedule contains information for Pro, National and Regional Road Races, National and Divisonal Solo Events, Pro Rally and National and Divisonal Road Rallys. As always, race dates and locations are subject to change; with any luck, I'll actually be informed of them in time to correct them.
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1995 SCCA Road Racing Schedule

Here is preliminary information for Valvoline Runoffs® (National Championship) Trans Am, Players/Toyota Atlantic, Pro Vee, the North East Division, the South East Division, the South Pacific Division, the South West Division, the Central Division, the Rocky Mountain Division, the North Pacific Division, and the Mid West Division.

In cases where both a National and a Regional are listed at the same time and place, the Regional is probably restricted to classes that do not have National status (e.g. IT, Club Ford, ASR.)

This schedule may from time to time contain information about races sanctioned by bodies other than the SCCA; these races will primarily be those of interest to SCCA members, such as Pro races that depend heavily on SCCA workers and on Club races that SCCA Drivers may wish to compete in (such as EMRA in the Northeast, the RCCA, etc.) These schedules should not be taken as gospel; changes occur right up to the last minute, and such changes may not be be reflected here.

SCCA Valvoline Runoffs®

The 1995 SCCA Valvoline Runoffs® will be held from Sunday, October 4th, to Sunday, October 15th, at the Mid Ohio Sports Car Course near Mansfield, Ohio. The detailed schedule appears in the September issue of SportsCar Magazine, page F-83. Here is a condensed version:

SCCA TransAm

News as of July 24th, 1995: the Grand Prix of Dallas has been postponed due to date & venue conflicts in the Dallas area.

March 19    Sears Point Raceway, Sonoma, California Postponed
	    New date is October 5th-7th

May 6       Phoenix International Raceway, Phoenix, Arizona

May 21      Mosport Park, Bowmanville, Ontario, Canada

May 29      Lime Rock Park, Lakeville, Conneticut

June 10     ITT Automotive Detroit Grand Prix,
               Detroit Michigan (Belle Isle)

June 18     Portland International Raceway, Portland Oregon

July 8      Road America, Elkhart Lake, Wisconsin

July 22     Grand Prix of Cleveland, Cleveland, Ohio,
              Burke Lakefront Airport

August 6    Player's Ltee. Grand Prix de Trois-Rivieres
              Trois-Rivieres, Quebec, Canada

August 12   Bud at the Glen, Watkins Glen International,
              Watkins Glen, NY

August 27   Road Atlanta, Braselton, Georgia

Sept 10     Grand Prix of Dallas, Dallas, Texas (postponed)

October     Sears Point Raceway, Sonoma, California
5th-7th	    (New date)

Player's Ltd./Toyota Atlantic Championship

4th      Miami, Florida

1st      Phoenix, Arizona         (Tentative)

8th      Long Beach, California   (Tentative)

22nd     Nazareth, Pennsylvania   (Tentative)

3rd      Milwaukee, Wisconsin     (Tentative)

10th     Montreal, Quebec

8th      Road America, Elkhart Lake, Wisconsin  (Tentative)

15th     Toronto, Ontario

6th      Trois-Rivieres, Quebec

12th     Mid-Ohio, Lexington, Ohio          (Tentative)

2nd      Vancouver, British Columbia

9th      Laguna Seca, Monterey, California

Valvoline Pro Vee Schedule

14th-15th  Moroso, Florida

22nd-23rd  Gateway, St. Louis

8th-9th    Indianapolis Raceway Park

22nd-23rd  Blackhawk Farms

Northeast Division Schedule

For 1995, all Nationals in NEDiv are on the NESCCA series, but the NEDiv and NESCCA championships continue to be separate creatures.

The June 16th/17th Watkins Glen race has been added to the NARRC schedule, the first ever NARRC race at the Glen.

Note that in general Lime Rock dates are Friday-Saturday, not Saturday-Sunday, with some exceptions such as the Tuesday, July 4th Regional.

richard (


25-26    School, Wdc/Summit Point


21-23    School, NER/NHIS
22-23    Regional, Wdc/Summit Point
         Indy-SCCA Pro, Nazareth

28-29    Regional New England Region/Lime Rock, NERRC, NARRC
29-30    Regional Steel Cities-Western NY/Nelson Ledges


6-7      National NYR/Bridgehampton

12       School   Tri-region Pocono

13-14    National Steel Cities-Mahoney Vallye, Nelson Ledges

         Regional NNJR/Pocono (Double), NARRC, NYSRRC

20-21    Regional Central NY/Watkins Glen, NYSRRC

27-28    National New England Region/NHIS
         SCCA Trans-Am, IMSA WSC/Both @ Lime Rock

29       Regional New England Region/NHIS, NERRC

2        School NY Region/Lime Rock
3        Regional NY Region/Lime Rock, NARRC
         Regional Wdc/Summit Point, MARRS

10-11    F1 Montreal, Indy Detroit, SCCA Pro Detroit

17-18    National Wdc/Summit Point
         Regional Glen Region/Watkins Glen, NARRC
         Regional Western NY/Mosport
         Longest Day (24 hours), Nelson Ledges

23-25    Regional TriRegion/Pocono, MARRS
         Regional Mahoney Valley Region/Nelson Ledges, Restricted
         School Mahoney Valley-NorthEast Ohio/Nelson Ledges

24-25    NASCAR/IMSA Watkins Glen

June 30th-July 1st
         National NNJR/Lime Rock

4        Regional Mohud/Lime Rock, NARRC, NYSRRC

8-9      Regional Wdc/Summit Point, MARRS

14-15    Regional New England Region/Lime Rock NARRC, NERRC

15-16    National Finger Lakes Region/Watkins Glen
         Indy/SCCA Pro Toronto
	 Pittsburgh Vintage Grand Prix

22-23    Indy/SCCA Pro Cleveland

29-30    National TriRegion/Pocono
         Regional Glen Region/Watkins Glen, NYSRRC, MARRS
         Regional New England Region/NHIS, NARRC, NERRC


5-6      NASCAR Indy SCCA Pro Trois

11       School NER/NHIS

12-13    Regional NER/NHIS, NARRC, NERRC
         Regional Wdc/Summit Point, MARRS, tentative
         Indy, SCCA Pro/Mid-Ohio
         NASCAR, SCCA Pro/Watkins Glen

18-19    Regional NNJR/Lime Rock, NARRC, NYSRRC

19-20    Regional Steel Cities/Nelson Ledges

         Indy, SCCA Pro NHIS

25-26    School Glen Region/Watkins Glen

26-27    Regional Glen Region/Watkins Glen, NYSRRC


2-3      National Western NY/Mosport

2-4      Regional Wdc/Summit Point, MARRS, Double
         Regional NER/NHIS, NARRC, NERRC, Double

9-10     Regional New York Region/Bridgehampton, NARRC

16-17    Regional Glen Region/Watkins Glen, NYSRRC

23-24    Regional Wdc/Summit Point

29-30    New York Region/Lime Rock, NARRC Runoffs (double points)


7-15     Valvoline Runoffs, Mid-Ohio

13-14    NASCAR BGN/Lime Rock
         Restricted Regional NER/Lime Rock (AS, IT)

21-22    NER/NHIS
         NE Ohio?-Mahoney Valley/Nelson Ledges, Double

28-29    Regional Western NY/Nelson Ledges, NYSRRC
         School Wdc/Summit Point

NARRC  == North Atlantic Road Racing Championship
NYSRRC == New York State Road Racing Championship
NERRC  == New England Road Racing Championship
MARRS  == Mid Atlantic Road Racing Championship

Subject: SE Div Reg'l Schedule

1995 SE Division Regional SCCA Schedule

disclaimer: Schedules subject to change, refer to "Sports Car" for more accurate dates and contacts.

SCCA: 1995 South East Division Schedule

Key to Regional Series Abbreviations:

SARRC= South Atlantic Road Racing Championship
MARRS= South Atlantic Road Racing Series
ECR= Endurance Championship Race (1.5 hour series)
ARRC= American Road Racing Championship (Regional Runoffs)

4-5	   School, ATL/Atlanta

25-26	   Regional, CFR/Sebring, SARRC

4-5	   Regional, CCar/Charlotte, SARRC/SARRC

11-12	   School, Bucc/Roebling Rd.

18-19	   Regional, NCar/Rockingham,  SARRC/ECR/ECR

25-26	   Regional, CRF/Sebring

1-2	   Regional, ATL/Atlanta,  SARRC/ECR/Pro IT

8-9	   School, CFR/Daytona

15-16	   Regional, Bucc/Roebling Rd.,  SARRC/SARRC

15-16	   National/Regional, FLA, Moroso

28-30	   Hill Climb, CCar, Chimney Rock

6-7	   Regional, NCar/Rockingham  SARRC/SARRC/Oval

27-28	   National/Restricted Regional, ATL/Atlanta  (Pro IT)

3-4 	   Regional, CFR/Sebring

10-11	   Regional, ATL/Atlanta,  SARRC/ECR/Pro IT

17-18	   School, FLA/Moroso

24-25	   Regional, CCar/Charlotte,  SARRC

8-9	   School, CFR/Sebring

8-9	   Regional, ETenn/Charlotte  SARRC/ECR

22-23	   School, NCar/Rockingham

22-23	   Regional, FLA/Moroso

29-30	   Regional, ATL/Atlanta (Pro IT)

5-6	   School, Regional, CCAR/Charlotte ECR

12-13	   Regional, SCar/Roebling Rd.  SARRC/ECR

12-13	   Regional, FLA/Homestead

19-20	   Regional, CFR/Daytona  SARRC/SARRC

19-20	   National/Restricted Regional, ATL/Atanta (ProIT)

2-4	   Regional, ATL/Atlanta  SARRC/SARRC/Pro IT

2-3	   Regional, CFR/Sebring  (12-hour Regional)

9-10	   Regional, Bucc/Roebling Rd.  SARRC

23-24	   Regional, FLA/Moroso  SARRC

28-Oct 1   Regional (Special Event), ATL/Atlanta  ARRC
           [The American Road Race of Champions is intended as a major event
           for SCCA cars which are in regional-only classes.
           For a press release about the event, click here

7-8	   Regional, CFR/Sebring
7-8	   School, FLA/Moroso

28-29	   Regional, Bucc/Roebling Rd.  SARRC IC

11-12	   Regional, FLA/Homestead ECR

28-29	   Regional, CFR/Sebring ERC

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*                                                                          *
*             "When I'm racing, I'm alive.  Everthing else                 *
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*                      These opinions do not reflect those of my employer. *

Subject: 1995 South Pacific Schedule

Weekends at Willow Springs listed as Sportsman are not SCCA events but are free weekends for workers, room and board is provided by the track.

SCCA Schools at Willow Springs are held on "The Streets of Willow Springs".

The April 29th/30th event at Holtville has been postponed.


14th-16th  Double National, Phoenix International Raceway (PIR)
28th-29th  Regional/School, Hawaii
           Regional, Las Vegas


4th-5th    Regional/School, Holtville (California)
11th-12th  Sportsman, Willow Springs (California)
11th       Regional, Firebird
12th       National, Firebird
25th-26th  Regional/School, Willow Springs

4th-5th    Regional, Holtville
11th       Regional, Firebird
11th-12th  Sportsman, Willow Springs
25th-26th  Pro/Regional/Solo I, Willow Springs

1st-2nd    National/Restricted Regional, Holtville
2nd        Regional, Hawaii
8th-9th    Sportsman, Willow Springs
29th-30th  Regional, Night, Holtville (POSTPONED to next year)

5th-6th    SCCA TransAm (night?)
13th-14th  Sportsman, Willow Springs
20th       Regional, Vegas
27th-29th  National/Regional/School, Willow Springs

10th-11th  Sportsman, Willow Springs
18th       Regional, Hawaii
24th-25th  Regional/Solo I, Willow Springs

5th        School, Hawaii
6th        Regional, Hawaii

2nd-4th    National/Regional, Willow Springs
9th-10th   Sportsman, Willow Springs
23th	   Regional/School, Willow Springs

14th-15th  Sportsman, Willow
14th	   Regional, Vegas
21th-22th  Regional (Enduro), Willow
28th-29th  Regional/School, Holtville

11th	  Regional, Vegas
11th-12th Sportsman, Willow
18th	  Regional, PIR (oval)
26th	  Regional, Hawaii

2nd-3rd   Double Regional, Holtville
9th	  Regional/School, Firebird

1995 SOWDiv Schedule

From: (Mark A. Breland)


17-19       Double National (STBR) / Cabaniss


11-12       Regional/National (Houston) / TWS
25-26       Restricted Regional (Texas) / TWS


22-23       Regional National (STBR) / Cabaniss


27-28       Regional/National (Lone Star) / TWS


17-18       Regional/National (Texas) / Abilene


15-16       School/Regional (Houston) / TWS


19-20       Regional/National (Houston) / TWS


2-3         Regional/National (Texas) / TWS


11-12       School/Regional (Texas) / TWS


2-3         School/Regional (Houston) / TWS

Subject: 1995 CEN Div Schedule

From: (Bill Wagner Jr.)

Allegedly final as of January 1, 1995

Bill Wagner.

Changes noted as of June 2nd, 1995: different venues for July 8/9 race, July 23rd race, Gingerman race no longer tentative.

** See below for key to tracks.  Format is "Region @ Racetrack"

March 11-12, 1995       Stwds/Wkrs Seminar @ Chicago (Sheraton - Northbrook,=
April 15-16, 1995       National - INR @ IRP
April 22-23, 1995       School - DET @ WAT
                        Professional - IMSA @ IRP
April 29-30, 1995       School - CHI & BVR @ BHF
                        Regional - CHI & BVR @ BHF (Reg'l Champ Series)
May 6-7, 1995           National - BVR @ BHF (Showcase)
May 20-21, 1995         Vintage - SVRA @ RA
                        National - MIL @ BHF
                        Regional - NEO @ NL (Restricted)
May 27-29, 1995         Regional - WMR @ GRA (Double) (Reg'l Champ Series)
                        Regional - LOL @ BIR (Double) (Reg'l Champ Series)
                        School - LOL @ BIR
June 3-4, 1995          Professional - Indycars @ Milwaukee
                        Professional - AMA @ M-O
June 10-11, 1995        Professional - AMA @ RA
                        Professional - Indycars @ Detroit
                        National - OVR @ M-O (Showcase)
June 17-18, 1995        Professional - Des Moines GP
                        Regional - NEO @ NL (Restricted)
June 24-25, 1995        National - CHI @ RA (Showcase)
                        School - Quad Regions @ NL
                        Professional - ASA @ BIR
                        Professional - SVRA @ M-O
July 1-2, 1995          Regional - CINCY @ M-O (Reg'l Champ Series)
                        Regional - BVR @ BHF (Reg'l Champ Series)
July 8-9, 1995          Professional - Indycars @ RA
                        National - INDY @ IRP (Showcase)
                        Regional - Det @ WAT (Reg'l Champ Series)  **CHANGED**
July 15 & 16, 1995      Regional - FWR @ M-O (Reg'l Champ Series)
                        Regional - MIL @ RA (Reg'l Champ Series)
                        School - MIL @ RA
July 22-23, 1995        Vintage - Chicago Historics @ RA
                        Professional - Indycars @ Cleveland
                        Regional - DET @ MIS (Restricted) (Reg'l Champ Series)
July 29-30, 1995        National - MIL @ RA
                        Regional - MIL @ RA (Restricted-IT) (Reg'l Champ Series)
                        Regional - DET, SBR & WMR @ GM (Restricted)
August 5-6, 1995        Professional - IMSA @ BIR
                        Professional - F-1 Bikes @ RA
                        Regional - NEO @ NL (Restricted) (Double)
August 12-13, 1995      Professional - Indycars @ M-O
                        National - DET & WMR @ GRA (Showcase)
August 19-20, 1995      Regional - IRO @ IRP (Reg'l Champ Series)
                        School - IRO @ IRP
                        Professional - SODA @ RA
August 26-27, 1995      National - NEO @ M-O
September 2-4, 1995     National - LOL @ BIR (Showcase)
                        Regional - LOL @ BIR (Reg'l Champ Series)
                        Regional - WMR & SBR @ GRA (Double) (Reg'l Champ=
September 9-10, 1995    Regional - OVR @ M-O (Reg'l Champ Series)
                        Regional - CHI @ RA (Restricted) (Reg'l Champ=
September 16-17, 1995   Regional - MIL @ BHF (Restricted)
                        School - NEO @ NL
September 23-24, 1995   Regional - WOR Games @ M-O (Reg'l Champ Series)
Sept 30-Oct 1, 1995     Regional Runoffs=AE - CHI @ BHF

Tracks -
WAT - Waterford Hills   GRA - Grattan           M-O - Mid-Ohio
BHF - Blackhawk Farms   PUT - Putnam            BIR - Brainard
RA - Road America       IRP - Indianapolis Raceway Park
NL - Nelson Ledges      MIS - Michigan International Speedway
GM - Ginger Man         TOL - Toledo Speedway

Rocky Mountain Division

1st       School, Second Creek
2nd       Regional, Second Creek
22nd      Regional, La Junta
23rd      National, La Junta

6th       School, Pueblo
7th       Regional, Pueblo
27th      Double National, Pueblo

16th      National, Pueblo
17th      Regional, Pueblo

15th      School, TBA
16th      Regional, TBA

5th       Double Regional, Second Creek
19th      Regional, La Junta
20th      National, La Junta

2nd       Regional, Second Creek
3rd       National, Second Creek
23rd      Double Regional, Pueblo

Mid West Division

Schedule change as of 28 Feb: April 15-16 event at Memphis moved to May 27-28.

18th-19th Double School, Hallett, Oklahoma
25th      National/Regional, Memphis, Tennesee

1st       Regional/School, Gateway (St. Louis)
8th       Double Regional, Hallett
22nd      National/Regional, Gateway
29th      School, Heartland Park

27th      National/Regional, Heartland Park, Kansas
27th-28th Regional/School, Memphis

3rd       Regional/School, Gateway
10th      National, Hallett

1st       National/Regional, Hallett
8th       Double Regional, Heartland Park
15th      Double Regional, Gateway
29th      National/Regional, Memphis

12th      National/Regional, Hallett
19th      Double Regional, Heartland Park
26th      National, Gatewayp

2nd       National/Regional, Heartland Park
16th      Double Regional, Gateway
23rd      Regional/School, Hallett

29th      Regional, Gateway

North Pacific Division

For races where a sanctioning body is unspecified, the event is sanctioned by an SCCA Region. Some listed PIR events are sanctioned by groups other than the SCCA.

For further info on Portland International Raceway, contact Bob Kehoe via email ( (Bob Kehoe)).

4th       School, Sears Point (California)
18th      School, Sears Point

3rd-4th   Regional, School, Solo II, PIR (Portland International Raceway)
4th       School, Bremerton (Washington)
11th      Regional, Sears Point
18th      Regional/School, Bremerton
          CSCC Driver Training, PIR	  
25th      TC Driver Training, PIR

1st       Regional, Thunderhill (California)
1st-2nd   School, Regional, Solo II, PIR
8th       National, Thunderhill
16th      Regional, Laguna Seca (California)
22nd-23rd CSCC Races (Conference), PIR

4th       Regional, Sears Point
6th-7th   Regional, School, Solo II, PIR
13th      Vintage, Sears Point
20th      Regional, Laguna Seca
27th      National, Seattle

2nd       Shelby club, PIR
3rd       TC Driver Training, PIR
10th      Regional, Bremerton
10th-11th CSCC Races (Conference), PIR
16th-18th Rose Cup/SCCA National,Regional/TransAm, PIR
17th      Regional, Laguna Seca
23rd      Double Regional, Sears Point
23rd-25th IndyCars, PIR

1st       Regional, Thunderhill
1st-2nd   Regional, Solo II, PIR
7th-9th   Historics, PIR
8th       National/Regional, Laguna Seca
8th       Regional, Bremerton
14th      Regional, Sears Point
          CSCC Driver Training, PIR
15th-16th CSCC Races (Conference), PIR
21st-23rd IMSA, PIR

4th-6th   National/Regional, Solo II, PIR
7th-11th  Porsche Parade, PIR
11th      National/Regional Sears Point
12th      TC Driver Training, PIR
25th-27th WERA Pro Motorcycle Races, PIR

8th-10th  Regional, Solo II, PIR
15th      Regional, Sears Point
          Shelby club, PIR
16th-17th CSCC Races (Conference), PIR
30th      Regional, Thunderhill
          Regional, Bremerton

7th       Vintage, Laguna Seca
13th-14th CSCC 6-hr enduro, PIR
14th      Regional, Evergreen
20th      Regional, Solo II, PIR
21st      TC Driver Training, PIR
28th      Regional, Sears Point

4th       CSCC Driver Training, PIR
11th      Regional, Sears Point (Enduro)
25th      Regional, Thunderhill (Enduro)

CSCC - Cascade Sports Car Club (ICSCC)
TC   - Team Continental (ICSCC)

1995 SCCA National and Divisional Solo Events Schedule

Schedules are available for Solo I, Pro Solo, the Solo II National Tour, and some Divisional Solo II events.

Solo I

28th-29th  Sebring, Florida

25th-26th  Bronson Field, Pensacola, Florida

8th-9th    Talladega (School), Alabama
28th-30th  Chimney Rock Hillclimb

27th-28th  Skelly Field, Alabama?

8th-9th    Road Atlanta

5th-6th    Talladega

23rd-24th  Skelly Field

28th-29th  Sebring

18th-19th  Roebling Road, Georgia

Pro Solo

25th-26th  Jacksonville, Florida

18th-19th  San Diego, California

1st-2nd    College Station, TX (Tentative)
8th-9th    Little Rock, Arkansas
22nd-23rd  Los Angeles, California

20th-21st  Norfolk, Virginia (Tentative; site problems)

3rd-4th    Toledo, Ohio
17th-18th  Harrisburg, Pennsylvania (Farm Show Complex ? Tentative)

29th-30th  Wendover, Utah

19th-20th  Denver, Colorado

2nd-3rd    Topeka, Kansas

Solo II National Tour

4th-5th    San Diego, California

6th-7th    Atlanta, Georgia

24th-25th  Boston, Massachusetts

1st-2nd    Evansville, Indiana
15th-16th  Seattle, Washington

12th-13th  Denver, Colorado

Divisional Solo II Schedule

24th-25th  Divisional, Wendover Utah

15th-16th  NorthEast Division Championship, Harrisburg PA
		(Farm Show Complex)

1995 SCCA National Pro, National and Divisional Rally Schedule

This section is under construction. Schedules are currently available for the National and Divisional Pro Rally series and the National and Divisional Road Rally Series.

SCCA Michelin National PRO Rally Schedule

Further information on the 1995 SCCA Michelin National PRO Rally Schedule may be found in Ben Bradley's Rally page.

11th       Sandhills Sandblast, Cheraw, South Carolina

18th-19th  Doo Wop III & IV, Olympia, Washington

7th-8th    Sunriser 400, Chillicothe, Ohio
21st-22nd  Wild, Wild West, Olympia, Washington, 206-872-9696

5th-6th    Rim of the World, Palmdale, California

2nd-3rd    Susquehanna Trail, Wellsboro, Pennsylvania

7th-8th    Prescott Divisional, Prescott, Arizona

28th-29th  Maine Summer, Rumford, Maine

25th-26th  Ojibwe Forests, Bemidji, Minnesota

20th-21st  Lake Superior PRO Rally, Houghton, Michigan

1st-2nd    Maine Forest, Rumford, Maine

SCCA Divisional Pro Rally Schedule

11th       Sandhills Sandblast (3), Cheraw, South Carolina
18th-19th  Doo Wop I & II (3), Olympia, Washington

4th        Northwoods Winter, CENDiv
18th-19th  Doo Wop III & IV (1, 2), Olympia, Washington

21st       Sou'Wester (2)
22nd       Wild West (3), Olympia, Washington, 206-872-9696

TBA        Magnum Cpus (3), CENDiv

10th       Oregon Trail (2), NPDiv

5th-6th    Orv Rallysprints I & II (1, 1) NPDiv

National Road Rally Schedule

                             1995 SCCA Road Rally
                             National Championship
                            Schedule as of 12/15/94

                             National COURSE Rally
  Mar 18 Highway Robbery  California     Jeanne English    310 372-7168
  Apr 29 Warpath          Oklahoma City+ Jim Duea          405-373-1898
  May 27 Yucatan Safari   Wisc         + Mike Thompson     608-788-5018
  Jun 10 Chippewa Trail   Wisc         + Dave Fuss         612-424-4219
  Jun 17 Montagne de Fer  St. Louis    + Ron Ferris        314 921-4488
  Sept 2 Oktoberally      LaCrosse Wisc+ Mike Thompson     608-788-5018
  Oct  8 TBA              Mississippi    Dave Jameson      602 647-3320
  Oct 22 Virginia Creeper Blue Ridge     Earl Hutson       703-890-5883

                             National TOUR Rally

  Feb  4 Ohio Winter      NE Ohio      + Tom Kimball       216-371-2832
  Feb 25 Great Canyon     Tucson         Dave Jameson      602 647-3320
  Feb 26 Desert Sands     Tucson         Dave Jameson      602 647-3320
  Mar 18 Highway Robbery  California     Jeanne English    310 372-7168
  Apr 15 After While      Houston        Russell Brown     713 466-6666
  Apr 29 Warpath          Oklahoma City+ Jim Duea          405-373-1898
  May  6 Sunshine Safari  Cent Florida   Chris Fletcher    407-895-4968
  May 27 Yucatan Safari   Wisc         + Mike Thompson     608-788-5018
  Jun 10 Chippewa Trail   Wisc         + Dave Fuss         612-424-4219
  Jun 17 Montagne de Fer  St. Louis    + Ron Ferris        314 921-4488
  Jul 22 Historic NY      Rochester NY + Debbi Segall      716-235-5032
  Aug  5 Atlantic Tours   New England  + Gary Webb         207-345-3550
  Sep  3 Badger Trails    LaCrosse Wisc+ Emmons/van Vleet  608-534-6839
  Sep  4 Northern Lights  Lacrosse Wisc+ Emmons/van Vleet  608-534-6839
  Oct  7 TBA              Mississippi    Dave Jameson      602 647-3320
  Oct 21 Tr Lonesome Pine Roanoke, Va.   Earl Hutson       703-890-5883

   NOTE: Many Nationals are also counted in Divisional Championships,
         check with DRRS or organizer.  Nationals known to also be
         part of Divisional Championships are marked +.

                       Divisional Championship Rallies

   NOTE: Beginning with '95 Divisionals no longer carry National
         Championship points, only Divisional Championship Points.

  Feb 11 Snow Flake Tour  Rochester NY   Debbi Segall      716-235-5032
  Feb 25 Moonlight Monte  CENDIV         Jim Mickle        313-739-6565
  Mar  4 Screaming Eagle  MIDDIV         Jim Heine         314-664-3423
  Mar 25 Vertigo IV       CENDIV         John Hinkle       216-692-1282
  Mar 26 NJ Monte         No Jersey      Joe Kwiatek       908-526-7496
  Aug 12 Mt. Ascutney     NEDIV          Donna Taylor      802-479-2997
  Apr 22 Frost Heaves     NEDIV          Pego Mack         203-633-9134
  Jul 22 Smokey Valley    MIDDIV         Rocky Entriken    913-827-5143
  Sep  9 Nebraska Rally   MIDDIV         Mark Ross         402-571-6220
  Sep  9 Highland FLing   No Jersey      Joe Kwiatek       908-526-7496
  Sep 23 Midwest City     MIDDIV         Leon MacKechnie   405-737-1294
  Sep 30 Green Country    MIDDIV         Garry Deaton      918-492-3602
  Oct 15 Catoctin Monte   DC             Peter Stevens     301-299-4893
                                         Eric Bloom        703-313-8245
  Oct 28 Witches Ryde     MIDDIV         Bruce Bettinger   316-788-3942
  Nov  4 Covered Bridge   NEDIV          Pego Mack         203-633-9134
  Nov 11 Thumbs Up        CENDIV         Jim Mickle        313-739-6565
  Nov 11 Sunsetter        Blue Mtn       Dave Sekella      215-944-0755

                            U.S. Road Rally Challenge

  Sept 2 Oktoberally      LaCrosse Wisc+ Mike Thompson     608-788-5018
  Sep  3 Badger Trails    LaCrosse Wisc+ Emmons/van Vleet  608-534-6839
  Sep  4 Northern Lights  Lacrosse Wisc+ Emmons/van Vleet  608-534-6839

Updates for the National schedule to the SCCA Rally/Solo Department.
Updates for the Divisional schedule should go through the DRRS or RRB.

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