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Pro Rally is considered by its enthusiasts to be the purest form of racing. Essentially stock cars as they are delivered from the show room are fitted with safety equipment and shields to protect the car from road hazards. Additionally they are usually fitted with large driving lights since many events run at night. The event is run on public roads, which are closed to the public while the event is being run. Most times these are logging roads, but not always. Cars are sent down these roads one car at a time at one minute intervals. The object is to drive as fast as you can, and faster than your competition. If you can catch the car in front of you, you can pass them. Some of the top competitors can reach speeds of 150mph on these logging roads. As such PRO Rally is best decribed by the saying "Real Roads, Real Cars, Real FAST." The time to traverse each closed road section or stage as it is called is added to your total. The winner is the competitor who has the shortest total time for all stages. Normally events are timed to hour, minute, and seconds. There are many classes, which offers the PRO Rally competitor a relatively inexpensive alternative to road racing.

Unlike Road Racing you do not get to practice on the stages. Essentially the first time you see them, you are there. A PRO Rally team consists of a Driver and a Co-Driver. The Co-Driver reads the "Route Book" which describes the major hazards of the stage. However, the team must drive through many twists and turns that are unmarked, using things like tree lines to discern which way the road goes. Remember you are doing this while driving as fast as you can. Thus the co-driver is an integral part of the team, as they may see the road surface, before the driver does. Consequently, drivers rely on their co-drivers for driving information when they can't see the road ahead. This is truely team racing.

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