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Vaca Valley Raceway

Vaca Valley Raceway was a combined drag-strip, 1.25-mile oval and 2.1-mile road race track located in Vacaville, CA. It opened in 1958 and closed in 1972.

This page was contributed by Guy Watney, Kansas City Region SCCA.

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Track Facts

Elevation: 75 feet Latitude: 38.408339 Longitude: -121.899533 Time zone: PST/PDT (-0800/-0700)

Historical Note

The facility was an early example of what is now known as a multi-purpose motorsports facility, combining a drag strip, oval and sports-car track. Unfortunately, the quality of the paving was poor from the beginning and the track closed when the surface deteriorated to the point of being unusable. Neither the owner nor the local SCCA region were able to secure the $15,000 required for repaving and other improvements. It is reported that the San Francisco Region SCCA investigated re-opening the track in the early 1990s as an alternative to Sears Point (now Infineon Raceway). Local residents objected, so they built Thunderhill instead. In as late as 2003, when the land-use permit was still valid, the San Francisco Region again looked at the site, but by this time the price of the land was prohibitive.

The outline of the track is still (at the time of writing) visible in aerial photographs, but little remains at ground level other than some gravel and isolated patches of tarmac.

Track Maps and Imagery

The track map was:

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