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Aspen Racing and Sports Car Club

Aspen Racing and Sports Car Club is a 1.1 mile private club course located on the site of the former Woody Creek Raceway (later known as Aspen International Raceway), 8 miles northeast of Aspen, CO. The track opened in the early 1960s and in 1994 was sold to the Aspen Sports Car Club, whose members use the facility for country-club style lapping events. The ASCC has added a paved kart sprint course to the facility.

In recent years they have added a racing program based on a Toyota engined modification of the SCCA Spec Racer. They have some Radical sports racers at the site, although no racing series for them.

This page was contributed by Guy Watney, Kansas City Region SCCA. Recent updates provided by David Hsu.

New: 2005-08-24  Last Updated: 2007-09-03

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Track Facts

Elevation: 7465 feet - 7485 feet Latitude: 39.265171 Longitude: -106.880128 Time zone: MST/MDT (-0700/-0600)

Track Office

Track: Aspen Racing and Sports Car Club 550 Raceway Road Woody Creek, CO 81656 Mail: Aspen Racing and Sports Car Club P.O. Box 549 Woody Creek, CO 81656 970-923-0713

Track Maps and Imagery

This course map is from the Woody Creek configuration:

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Racer's Guide to Aspen Racing and Sports Car Club

The following was provided by David Hsu, 9/3/2007.

The Aspen Racing and Sports Car Club runs a daily race series for its members Tuesday through Saturday using SCCA Spec Racers repowered with Toyota 1ZZ engines. When the track is made available to other users, time is reserved (typically around lunchtime) for the members to hold their daily race. ARSCC also runs Radicals on the course, but does not race them wheel-to-wheel. A separate go-kart course has also been added on an elevated area to the east side of the property; this is visible in the Google Maps imagery.

Turn numbering sems to have changed from what is shown on the Woody Creek map. The racing surface configuration remains the same, but what is shown as turn 4 is now considered a pair of lefts: 4 and 5. 5 becomes 6, 6 becomes 7, and the final right-hander becomes 8. In addition, the pits and tower are now located to driver's left, mirroring their location in the old configuration. The paddock lanes are very narrow and configured such that only about four cars can actually grid on the pit area, with the remainder trailing down the paddock lane, so larger groups typically use the double gate on driver's left just prior to pit-in to exit the course at the end-of-session. The old infield pit area is now used as overflow paddock space.

Woody Creek's surface is asphalt, with low apex curbing. The pavement is narrow, perhaps 25 feet wide for most of its length, except for the straight in front of the pits where it's nearly double the width, making T8's apex not as late as you'd expect from the map. The remainder of the corners are late apex, with T5 and T6 posing the most interesting elevation and camber changes.

The course lacks provisions for conventionally-staffed flag stations. Course signalling is via well-positioned red/amber/green traffic lights on posts located at T1, T3, T4, T6 and T8 and at pit-out, and controlled from a single panel in the tower, allowing the course to be operated by one or two officials. The tower has a view of the entire track except for T7, the tight right leading onto the long straight. A second official is sometimes stationed atop a large boulder well inside the apex of T7 to observe that area. Black flag may also be staffed in this area and displayed driver's right on approach to T6.


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