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Continental Divide Raceways

Continental Divide Raceways was a combined 2.66-mile road course, half-mile oval and quarter-mile drag strip located 2 miles south of Castle Rock, CO, between Denver and Colorado Springs. It opened in 1959 and the land was sold for development in around 1983.

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Last Updated: 2005-09-05

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Track Facts

Time zone: MST/MDT (-0700/-0600)

Historical Note

A number of USAC and SCCA professional races, including one Trans-Am race, were run at CDR. The track closed briefly in 1979 after an accident in which a driver died after hitting the pit wall, another person in the pit lane also being killed and several others injured. The track re-opened in 1981 for Club Racing only, but did not last much longer. Although the site was sold for real-estate development, little actual construction has taken place in the intervening years. At some point, the track was plowed up by the owner in order to remove any possibility of its being re-opened as a racing facility.

A vague outline of the course can still be seen in aerial photographs, but at ground level the site has reverted to prairie and there is little evidence that the track ever existed.

Track Maps and Imagery

The available track maps vary considerably in detail. The following map, derived from an event flyer and an aerial photograph of the remnants of the track, is thought to be reasonably accurate:

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