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Gateway International Raceway

Gateway International Raceway is a complex consisting of a 1.25 mile oval, an infield road course, and a 1/4 mile NHRA dragstrip, located in East St. Louis, Illinois, across the river from St. Louis.

Map of modern road course provided by Guy Watney, Kansas City Region SCCA.

Last Updated: 2005-05-05

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Historical Note

In 1967, a gentleman named Wayne Meinert built a 1/8 mile drag strip named St. Louis Raceway Park on swampland that used to be Mississippi River bottom. He expanded the track to 1/4 mile in 1971 and renamed it St. Louis International Speedway. In 1985 a 2.6 mile road course was added, and in 1988 the name Gateway International Raceway was adapted. The 2.6 mile road course had minor elavation changes but the track was mainly flat. The facility was often refered to as "The Swamp", as before the reconstruction into the present facility, it was pretty damp.

In 1995, Gateway was purchased by Chris Pook, already famous as the promotor of the Long Beach Grand Prix. An entirely new oval track was built on the site, with an infield road course and a new drag strip. The facility is now part of the Dover Motorsports organization.

Track Office

Gateway International Raceway
700 Raceway Blvd.
East St. Louis, IL 62060


Track Maps and Imagery

This map shows the modern road course:
Modern Road Course

The track map for the old Gateway road course is:
Old Road Course

The 1996 Temporary course was:

1996 Temp Road Course

Additional maps of the current configuration are available Here on the official web site. This link shows the oval and infield road courses. There is a link on the page which provides a detail view of the launch area of the dragstrip.

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