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Times-Herald Race

Times-Herald Race was the first scheduled auto race in North America. It ran from Jackson Park in Chicago north to Evanston and back.

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Track Facts

Elevation: 590 feet Latitude: 41.788017 Longitude: -87.585196 Time zone: CST/CDT (-0600/-0500)

Historical Note

The race was held on Thanksgiving day (November 28th), 1895, having been postponed from November 2nd. Six cars started but only 2 finished. The Duryea entry, driven by J. Frank Duryea, won in 10 hours and 23 minutes, including 2 off course excursions and one 55 minute stop for repairs after a steering arm broke. The only other car to finish was the Benz of Oscar Mueller, who enlisted the help of his ride-along umpire, C.B. King, to drive the last hour after he became sick.


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Track Map

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Getting There

The location used is the start of the race in Jackson Park.

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