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NOLA Motorsports Park

NOLA Motorsports Park is a complex containing a multi-configuration road course and a separate kart track. It is scheduled to open in June 2011.

The track design is by Alan Wilson.

New: 2011-02-07

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Track Facts

Elevation: sea level Latitude: 29.893192 Longitude: -90.189922 Time zone: CST/CDT (-0600/-0500)

Track Office

Track: NOLA Motorsports Park 11075 Nicolle Boulevard Avondale, LA 70094 504-302-4875 info@nolamotor.com

Track Maps and Imagery

There are two sets of track maps available, and one set of satellite imagery.

The first track map set is a Flickr set maintained by the NOLA Motorsports Park, accessible Here.

The second set of maps are from Wilson Motorsport, copyright by Wilson Motorsport, and used with permission.
Road Course:

Kart Course:

Here is an aerial photo of the track under construction, courtesy of the track office:
January 4 2011

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