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Kansas City Speedway

Kansas City Speedway, not to be confused with the modern Kansas Speedway in Kansas City, KS, was a 1.25-mile, board oval located northeast of the intersection of what are now Troost Avenue and Bannister Road in southern Kansas City, MO. It was only operational from 1922 to 1924 and no trace of it remains.

This page was contributed by Guy Watney, Kansas City Region SCCA.

New: 2005-06-22

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Track Facts

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Historical Note

The track was built on a swamp so deep that the pilings could not reach bedrock, so it was supported by pontoons, which gave it a characteristic swaying sensation. The first race was attended by both the Mayor of Kansas City and the Govenor of Missouri, and a live commentary was transmitted on local radio stations. The untreated lumber used in its construction deteriorated rapidly in the adverse conditions and, within two years, small red flags had to be stuck through holes in the track surface to indicate broken and rotting boards. The area was later used for industry (Pratt and Whitney, Westinghouse and Bendix all had factories on the site at various times), and is now a Federal Government General Services Administration complex.

Coincidentally, racing returned to the site many years later, in a somewhat different form, when the Kansas City Region SCCA used the GSA parking lot for autocrossing in the mid 1990s.

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