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EPCAL ("Enterprise Park Calverton"?) is the old Navy-Grumman facility in the Town of Riverhead on Long Island. There is an active proposal to build a motorsports facility on the site, as well as a defunct proposal from the 90s to build a road course on the old runways.

The current proposal, floated in the summer of 2007, is for a multi use complex including drag racing, motocross and possibly a paved oval track.

Last Updated: 2007-10-28

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Track Facts

Elevation: 55 feet Latitude: 40.913448 Longitude: -72.784467 Time zone: EST/EDT (-0500/-0400)

Historical Note

In the early 90s, the Navy-Grumman Calverton complex was to be taken out of service and the property turned over to the Town of Riverhead for redevelopment. Mid Atlantic Race Complex was a proposed road course making use of the runways. The projected course was to be 3.5 miles in length, with 16 turns, according to a mid-1995 promotional flyer issued by the principals in the project. There were plans for 70,000 bleacher seats, garages, and other facilities.

The property was scheduled for transfer from the navy to the Town of Riverhead in early 1996; no progress could be made towards construction of the facility before that point in time. The Town seemed genuinely interested in the project. However, the TWA flight 800 investigation tied up the Calverton facility for an extended period of time, and the project did not go forward.

The property has since been released to the town, and various development projects are proposed. The proponents of the Mid Altantic project have since moved on to other things.

Track Office

Track: EPCAL Grumman Road Calverton, NY 11901

Track Maps and Imagery

The proposed Mid Atlantic circuit was as follows:

Mid Atlantic Track Map

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