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War Bonnet Raceway Park

War Bonnet Raceway Park was a 2.4-mile road course located in Mannford, OK, about 25 miles west of Tulsa. The track is no longer in use, the roadway now acting as the access roads to housing subdivisions.

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Track Facts

Latitude: 36.1487187 Longitude: -96.3609586 Time zone: CST/CDT (-0600/-0500)

Historical Note

War Bonnet Raceway Park was a short-lived track, active in the late 1960s. It was originally very short (about 1 mile), but was lengthened and hosted a Trans-Am Series race in 1968. When Keystone Lake reservoir was created, the small town of Mannford was moved out of the area to be flooded onto higher ground close to the track, which later succumbed to housing development.

The track opened in 1966, and closed sometime around 1969. America's Speedways gives very different lengths for the track.


Allan E. Brown, The History of America's Speedways: Past & Present. Comstock Park, Michigan: Brown, 2003 , ISBN 0931105617 , pp. 586. Order from National Speedway Directory

Track Map

The track map was:

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