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Volume 1, Number 3, May 1997

Table of Contents


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Commentary -- Whither IMSA, er, "SportsCar"?
The Original Savannah Races, by Russell Jaslow
Over the Top, by Scott Fisher
One Perspective on Northwest Racing, by Jeff Zurschmeide
Rocky Entriken'sGeneral Blatherings
Trackside View, by Josh Cockey


Life in the Satch Lane, by Satch Carlson

Odds and Ends

Bookin': Some Reviews of Prep books

Important Notices

This collection, The North American Motorsports Journal Volume 1 Number 3, is copyright 1997 by Krusty Motorsports. All contributions by Journal Authors remain their property. All Rights Reserved. Permission to use any material from the Journal must be obtained from the author and from Krusty Motorsports.

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